ZRC Superior Zinc Coating

Product Data Sheets

 ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound
 ZRC Galvilite Galvanizing Repair Compound
 ZRC 221 Galvanizing Compound
 ZRC Zero-VOC Water-based Galvanizing Compound


Material Safety Data Sheets

 ZRC Galvilite Galvanizing Repair Compound - Liquid
 ZRC Galvilite Galvanizing Repair Compound - Aerosol
 ZRC 221 Cold Galvanizing Compound
 ZRC Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound - Liquid
 ZRC Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound - Powder
 ZRC Galvanizing Compound - Liquid
 ZRC Galvanizing Compound - Aerosol

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The ZRC Difference

The ZRC difference is made possible by ZRC’s high zinc content (95% by weight in the dried film) of “ultra-pure” zinc dust (ASTM D520 Type III) and proprietary, non-encapsulating binder. This unique combination provides a self healing galvanic film that is impossible for others to match. The proof is in the photos – the performance of ZRC and GALVILITE is clearly superior!